Monday, December 31, 2007

Before this year ends

During this year (2007) I mentioned often that I would write something I'm interested in. Some people I know heard me saying that it will be one of the goals of this year (still 2007). Although the New Year 2008 is already standing on the doorsteps, it is still 2007. While keeping it out of the room I took the courage to start writing.

Sometimes the though came to start my own blog. Creating a blog is quite simple to do with all those tools available on the net. Only creating content and maintaining it might be harder to do.

My intensions with this blog are write things which will be related to software testing. Perhaps you will disagree with what I'm writing here (please leave a comment as I will try to answer it), perhaps it makes you think.

Currently I do not know what the capabilities are of this blog and therefore not how this blog will grow. Still I hope it would give some contribution towards the world of software testing as I sincerely enjoy that world.

With regards,