Sunday, September 14, 2008

Magazine: Software Test & Performance

During searching on the internet for information I ran into this magazine: Software Test & Performance. Though I somewere I already heard about it but forgot it over the time. Although the magazine contains quite some advertisements it also contains some good articles. And that is what it is all about.

This current issue can be downloaded from:

This magazine can be ordered and a printed copy is send to your adress or you can download the magazine in PDF-format for FREE.

One of their good services is that they also made previous copies available for download.

Monday, September 8, 2008

SmarTEST a newer version

It is already some weeks ago I read a new book related to software testing called: SmarTEST. This book is written by Egbert Bouman from Valori. Though it is written in Dutch I think it is worth to translate it in English as well.

One of the strengths of this book that it is based on a business approach were 3 models are leading in the IPS-model (Information, Processes, Systems):
- For Information the model: IDQ (Information and Data Quality) is used
- For Processes: POQ (Processes and Organization)is used
- For Systems: ISO9126 is used.

Based on these 3 models their approach is explained. Some times as and addition to already known methods in the Netherlands Like: TMap, TestFrame, TestGoal and ISTQB. In other situations it continues as a new view to our business of software testing.

Another strength is the overview like stakeholders and possible acceptance criteria. Or like the difference between terminology between TMap, ISTQB and SmarTEST.

Though the business-view approach is the basis of the book in my opinion. They might have spent more attention towards the full integration of the quality models and their impact on software testing. Still a experienced software tester might be able to play with them their selves.
Does this make the book bad? I strongly say NO! It will be an addition to your collection as it gives you enough food to think about. Like: How many W-models are there and which W-model is good enough. What is your perception of using Agile as development method? Can other methods be a child of this method or are they all part of the Iterative (Evolutionary) approach?

Do we need more books related to software testing? I think so as our world is changing the approaches also changing. Do we need this book? If you are able to read Dutch books I recommend this book.

for more information see: their site:
Price: € 39,95
Book, paperback / 280 Pages/ Dutch
Academic Service / 2e edition/ Published 2008
ISBN-13: 9789012125970