Saturday, September 24, 2011

It is released! Book: How to reduce cost of software testing

This week this great book is released. (sept 15th 2011)

How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing [Hardcover]

Not just another book
For me it is not just another book related to software testing. The editors Matthew Heusser and Govind Kulkarni gave me the opportunity to cooperate in their journey.

I think it is about a year ago an interesting thread started on Linkedin about cost of testing. This already made me more aware about this topic. There passed not much time Matt Heusser also contacted me as student of the “Miagi-Do School of Software Testing” and wrote me about Govind’s and his idea. He asked if I have some valuable contributions to make.

After explaining shortly to both that I was in the middle of some interesting exercise. Based on that exercise I might have some valuable contribution.

My short exercise
At that Time where I helped gaining information how we could help the business site of the organization by delivering software on defined dates while accepting in some cases functionality was not yet mature.
I observed that there was another need of information. I also noticed that which decision management made, it has impact on the test process.

When impact is involved, there are risks involved and to get more information about that risk you need to perform some activities. You can also introduce a risk yourselves: perhaps by not performing certain activities.

My idea is mainly based on controlling the test process on cost level by collecting information about the risks, the business need and how it work through the testing process. If risks are known you can start defining a strategy about how to continue: are you remain testing in the current phase and the costs are on that project? Or is there an option to shuffle the cost to another moment in time? Does it result in extra testing resources and cost or can you actually benefit from the accepted risks by management.

A year passed by
I never had experience writing a book or make a contribution to one. I had the dream of doing so. And more then a year ago I had the opportunity to participate. Amazing how such a process is evolving. I had great support from other co-authors and reviewers. They made me help to shape my story I believe is valuable. As I saw my story grow, I also had the opportunity to read the other chapters in the book. This strengthens me to believe we were working on something big. A book with combined knowledge and diversity in visions.

And now it is there! A book with great stories, sharing visions written and shared by testers I respect. If you want to know more about my contribution you might buy the book. If you have questions or need more information or share your experience you can contact me by mail.