Sunday, November 2, 2008

Introduction of the quality attribute: Ecoliability

In a previous post 7 April 2008 The green part of development and software testing: "Ecologiability" I already spoke about introducing a new quality attribute called: "Ecologiability"
In this post I want to change the term as non-native-English-speaker I have difficulties to pronounce this word. I would introduce "Ecoliability"

I still believe that in software testing we should consider this also as a area to focus on as recently more articles are written about green computing. Servers which are using lesser energy. Choices to use virtual environments etc.

There are even discussions about introducing a badge for power efficient servers.
Energy Star for green servers to come this year

If there is discussion about the green part of applications, then it should also be measured. If it can be measured and it is, why not make a quality attribute for it.
You can use this attribute for testing infrastructure and perhaps in the nearby future also applications are designed to use lesser resources of those applications.

Therefore I suggest the idea: If we want to be greener, name it and make it measurable. An approach for this is defining this quality attribute: "Ecoliability"

I can imagine that there are arguments to measure this in other quality attributes like: Efficiency. To measure it in this attribute it just becomes a part of an attribute. I think our environment is more important to be just a part of something. Let us make it explicitly!

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