Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Testing Games

This morning started good. I posted an article about a possible relation between Rooms and Pillar Mining and Software testing. I found some time to play a game on the Wii and now having a short break. With my thoughts partly on testing and partly on playing games, this though brought me to Google on games related to software testing. Here some I found:

Bug Fix Bingo by K. J. Ross & Associates
Planning poker by Mountain Goat Software
Non-approved test methods by Charles K. Kincaid

Perhaps you can extend that list of test methods.
While writing this blog I hoped I would find more examples. Unfortunately, I didn't. So here some thoughts of mine to use when you want to do something with your time only there is nothing left: Held a competition with your colleagues to check:
1. who is able to find a bug in already tested software;
2. who is able to perform as fastest a number of test cases from beginning till end
3. who found the most issues and present it in a fancy chart
4. who is able to construct a data set in such a situation that your colleague must use functionality to correct the data and be able to finish the test case.
5. Make funny photo's of your colleagues impersonate test methods

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