Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TestData Generator

A colleague tester pointed me recently about the importance of test data management and the recently offered site towards test data management: Testdata Management.

Behind one of his links there was a free test data generator: GenerateData.com
GenerateData.com offering a free test data generation tool with several functions to generate "standard" test data in several formats: HTML, MS Excel, XML, CSV and SQL.

Next to generate data online you have to ability to download the script which is under GNU open Source License.

I have to admit that this tool is easy to use although I think you have still to manipulate the data for your own use.

This triggers me to search for more opensource generation tools related to testing. A new world opened in front of my eyes, :)

Here some other open source tools:
dbmonster : can be used for DB tuning
benerator: performing load and performance tests
Database populator : Examines the table and populate it according to it (note: downloadable version is from 2004)

These seems somehow promising, perhaps in the nearby future I can try them sometimes.

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  1. Also, checkout www.TestersDesk.com - It has many free test design tools and test data generation tools, accessed online by registering in the site. For example, you can generate test data files of the specified size, generate data in different languages etc. Besides data, you can even reduce test combinations using the Pairwise TestCase Generator. By the way, it is a free online edition for testing community!