Sunday, July 5, 2009

Swine Flu: adapt your processes or ignorance and denial?

Over the last days I was wondering why organizations are not busy adapting their development/test processes to continue when the "Swine-flu" explodes. Is this ignorance or denial? Am I the only one who is worrying about this?

Currently the prediction in the Netherlands is that this flu will exploded in the last months of this year. According to this article: (translate from Dutch using Google translation service)
Mexican flu peak may be in August ; thousands of persons will catch this flu in august per day, the English government expects in Britain a over 100.000 of patients per day.
Im sure there are more figures which are more accurate on the internet.

I also heard that in the Netherlands they expect between 20% and 30% of the people which will become ill. When this happens also the schools might be closed. Imagine the impact of this.

Currently ICT companies are dealing with the current recession with a certain number of employees on the bench. I cannot imagine that people are able to point them as victims of the flu, everyone which is on an assignment is allowed to become not ill.

Let's assume that 20% of the people are becoming ill.
Due to a general figure, this also counts for about 20% of the project members. This will reduce skills within the project team and result in delay of deliverance of functionality and also solutions.
Next; when schools are closed, and let's assume that about 30% of the families both parents are working, someone has to take care of the children, resources are again reduced. What do you think when this hits again 10% of your project members?

What happens when your project resources are decreased with about 30%? What is the impact for you? And what happens if you are also depending on other parties which supplies you support on environment, tools, food etc?
Will it be on time to act when it becomes August?

Currently we already facing a recession. I believe an global outbreak on a more heavily level as it is now will empower the recession more. So more people will face uncertain conditions, more organizations will act on the next level of recession.

Are you already adapting your development processes based on this situation? Will their come a shift in processes?

Perhaps the world Matthew Heusser invented becomes true and needed: The Boutique Tester
Perhaps the isolated world I was thinking of becomes true: Testing in an Isolated World

Are you already start thinking about possible solutions? At least I'm already doing this, now wondering how we can take it to the next level. I hope my predictions don’t come out and we all work nice together.

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