Friday, April 9, 2010

Value of certificate or understanding

Today there was a great happening at our family. After weeks of training, my son and daughter were invited to take their exam for karate.
Almost more then half year ago they started to attend this course on weekly basis. Now and then they are showing the moves they learned in the lessons. They not only paying attention to the moves, also to the words, terms and how they should be used.

They are aware that they are preparing for the next grade. Last time it was the white turtle, this time it was the white cranes. Somehow I believe that they understand exactly the meaning of these grades. They know exactly in which order the grades can be obtained. They also are aware of the skills they need to know and able to show.

They took the test and they succeeded. I am proud on my kids as they persisted, listened and behaved in the dojo. They had respect for the teachers and other participants. At the end every one got a badge, a certificate, a sign on their karate passport and an invitation to attend a meeting with a great master. They also got respect from the teacher and the judges.

It seems so obvious that all those items were important like certificate, badge etc. Perhaps it is. Somehow the certificate of my son got lost. It made me proud to see that he did not complain, or else. He felt a bit sorry and still went back to his place. He accepted it as the value of respect was more worth then the certificate, knowing that the teacher told him being a white crane was more valuable. The certificate was just a paper.

This made me think, he might be right. I’m sure he is right. A certificate is just a paper; the respect he earned made him proud and made him to continue. The respect of the teacher made him know that he is allowed to show more skills to others which he was not yet allowed doing.

To me a great lesson I see here is that we are tending to look at our old heroes what they achieved and accept their sounds that we needs certificates. Perhaps we also have to watch out for our young, new heroes and bring everything back in perspective.

After al, a good day that as I learned from my children.

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  1. Hi Jeroen,
    Well first of all concrats the children. Second I go with you (all the way)in this. Hope to speak you soon.

    Best regards,