Saturday, November 5, 2011

No space for innovation?

This time a smaller note then usual. It came to my mind that in times of trouble we stick to what
we know. In history there were other cases when the world was in trouble leaders gave trust to those who got ideas which might fail or might succeed. For instance the war machine during the WWII provided in a very short time different innovations. (Technology during World WarII)

Perhaps the reason lies with the lack of procedures, methods and controlling processes.
After the war improvements were made which seemed to be successful for that time. People still using those methods and methodologies like PRINCE2, ITIL, BISL, TMAP, Six Sigma, etc. It helped managers to give them a feeling being in control.

Sometimes they still work for them. I’m wondering if there is still room for other approaches then people are looking for certainty and good practices are not yet given it to them. Is there still space in projects to approach uncertainty with Agile approaches? Can we SCRUM and accept the skills of dealing with that uncertainty and adapt earlier to get better results? Is a context driven approach in software testing explainable when managers are focussing on methods which are
know to them, instead of learning and adapting to the actual need?
I might be wrong, implementing methods can be useful, mostly I saw implementations of it where it became an objective on its own and no longer for adding value to business. Somehow I have the feeling that in times of trouble like we are now as in the economic crisis people tending to get proof that the method is working for them and make decisions to reveal that is not delivering the value by blaming it after all on the economic situation.

Is there space to use approaches like Agile approaches or Rapid Software Testing? Are there managers who dare to face uncertainty and learn from it, become stronger and more skilled? Search innovation in the way of thinking and working?

I hope so, as technology is still changing which mean that the way we have to face our new world might be different as we know. Although I’m uncertain about that too. :-) To maintain innovative we have to provide space for those new ideas also. Let us give and get some space for new ideas and try-outs

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