Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm not a developer, thought this might help us testers

In the past I ran into an article about visualization of software evolution. It took me some time to dig it up again on the internet.

On this site CVSscan: Visualization of Code Evolution the author ir. Lucian Voinea PDEng gives 3 example tools how to visualize the evolution of code were he claims it can be used as "tool aimed at developers involved in maintenance projects".

Another paper of the same writer on this topic can be found here: Visual assessment of software evolution by L. Voinea, J.J. Lukkien, A. Telea

On his site he explains and offers the following tools:

You perhaps also want to read the paper he made available from that site called: CVSscan: Visualization of Code Evolution

I think there is also another opportunity here. I think it can be used in Agile/SCRUM projects also. Were writing code is based on usage for that iteration.

Assume that code/functionality changes or better evolves during the project. And as tester you don't immediately know were to look at. Based on turbulence in evolution of code you might decide to test it with more or lesser focus.

Or assume that you first paint a picture with those tools and then measure if the evolution matched the effort you spend on defining Unit tests or other automated tests.

Though I'm quite new on this topic of testing, perhaps others see some advantages of such tools for us testers. Or have already experience with these tools.

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