Sunday, February 3, 2008

Open System Thinking and Software Testing (4)

This is a continuation of the posting in the category: Open System Thinking and Software Testing. For the previous post you might check out: Open System Thinking and Software Testing (3)

In the previous post I defined some items to the categories. The next step I want to do is identifying what items form the categories: Goals, Culture, Structure and Technology are supporting or weaken each other.

In the picture below I classified those items.

In the figure below an example is given how to visualize supporting/weakening items.

A table like this gives some lead on those actions were to focus on. A next step could be identifying certain problems which might rise or what positive effect could optimized. For example: Internal testers don't have much experience in testing. This might result in less optimal implementation of a test method. As counter measurement an experienced test coordinator might be assigned to those testers to monitor their work.

Another example would be that not issues are logged as testers are talking to the developers to get some issues solved. Allowing this might result in a less clear overview of the quality as you loose information about issues.

I think a certain result of this excercise not only give information and control over the process. It also gives information about dependancies, boundary conditions and risks which could be used in test plans.

I leave this post as is and will continue with the next post in this category with more examples and perhaps how to continue with it. The postings in this category is a result of a living mind.

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