Monday, August 25, 2008

How much don't we test?

Every time I get involved in a test project there are questions like: How much test cases do you have? Do we test enough? Why do you need that much time for testing? You have to test everything!

To me, those questions are always asked to soon. At the end of a project I can tell them for sure how many test case I have. It is just counting those cases. If we did enough could be answered if the organization is still happy after going life. Why I need time for testing can be identified based on the decisions made about the quantity of available Money, the needed Quality and the given Time.

And as always it should be:
- Money: Cheaper
- Quality: Better
- Time: Faster

What kind of information would it give in front if we answer the questions about number of test cases, and if we tested enough, and why we need that much time?

I think a more interesting question to answer is what we did not or will not test. If we provide that in terms the business knows they are able to pick one of those three options.

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