Monday, February 23, 2009

Do you change your testing strategies?

Just out of curiosity I'm wondering if you change your testing strategy. Is there room for change? Are you willing to change? Are your brave enough to change?

Deliberately I'm not asking for the need for change. Because of the current recession I think there is an urgent need to change. The question is what should be changed?

In many projects, people are working with proven technologies and methods. Some of the methods are very useful to cover all risks and measure the quality proved by those methods. Some methods are useful as they rely on best practices. Some methods are necessary as organizations are forcing to use those kinds of project management methods.

In all cases those methods are used to solve problems for organizations. I'm just wondering if there is time enough to keep using those solid methods. Is there budget enough to measure all quality? Are resources and skills available to make it a success using those methods?

Perhaps it is time to change. With change I'm more thinking of a context driven test approach as James Bach, Cem Kaner, Michael Bolton and others are suggesting. If I understood that approach good enough the basis of that approach is defining the context first instead of defining the framework for the project first and the "proven" test method.

When thinking about the context and considering the time we live in now we might understand that resources are not available to make it a success. Because of a clear context decisions can be made to accept risks.

Under current conditions risks have to be taken. Accepting risks might lead to new opportunities since the focus is just there were the organization sees it challenges, opportunities and problems which have to be solved.

I'm just curious:
- Do you dare?
- Do you care?
- Do you have enough resources, budget and skills to continue as you did in the past?
- Or do you change?

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