Sunday, May 31, 2009

BVA test case generator

Recently I read a post about a online tool which can generate test cases based on boundary value (BVA). After a reader of my blog also attended me on this tool I made the free subscription.

On you have several tools which I think can be useful like:
- Pairwise TestCase Generator
- Boundary Value TestCase Generator
- N-Way/Random TestCase Generator
- and some more

For example the BVA++ generator is very easy in use, although it doesn’t cover the boundaries we don't know it can be useful .

If you know the values you want to test it is just minutes work to generate the list of cases you need. (within seconds).

I believe this tool can be useful if you have less time available and there is less risk in the functions you are testing. You can use it for:
- generate fast a list of cases you need to cover
- calculate how many time you need to perform those cases. If the generator gives you about 25 cases and you assume that each case will take you about 1/2 hour to execute, you at least know that you might need about 12,5 hour for execution. It can help you to identify in a few minutes how many time you might need to test a function
- the generated cases can also be used to check whether the already defined cases are sufficient.

One of the items I missing here is that you cannot get a list of the total cases so you are able to pick from the total list (if it is there I have missed it.)

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