Sunday, May 31, 2009

How many documents can you create?

Often I hear the saying a good tester is a lazy tester. This doesn't mean that testers don't want to do nothing; it is just that testers just want to do just that what is necessary. Like why execute all 1000 test cases if based on test techniques these can be minimized to a number of 52?

Over the years I noticed that to control projects a lot of documentations is created. This made me curious about which types of documents I had to deal with or might have created if I follow the methods like PRINCE2, ISTQB, TMap or others.

Here a list of documents I had to face with:
- Project assignment document
- Initial test advice report (before actual testing starts)
- Master test plan
- Risk analysis report
- Product Risk Analysis Template/ checklist
- Product Risk Analysis report
- Detail Test Plan (for each phase one: SIT, FAT, UAT, PAT)
- Test strategy checklist
- Test strategy document (finally it would become part of the MTP and DTP)
- Weekly progress report
- Daily progress update report
- Daily progress templates (to gain information from for the daily progress reports)
- Deviations report
- Phase end report
- Escalation reports
- Logical test specification document
- Physical test specification document
- Test Script
- Test process dashboard
- Intake test basis checklist
- Checklist intake test tools
- Checklist test process evaluation
- Test Process Evaluation report
- Test Process Improvement Checklist
- Test process improvement report
- Checklist test techniques
- Test schedules
- Test estimation document
- Defect registration
- Defect screen print templates
- Test Execution Quick reference cards
- e-mails
- Review template
- Review report
- .....

Of course there are some more documents I had to face with. Looking at this list I just wonder: Is there still some time left after generating these documents to actually perform tests? Of course these can be all useful documents. We should continue asking the systems and the processes questions and preserving the outcome of it. Only: are we working for those documents or are those documents work for us?

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