Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Free pie for everyone or just an issue?

My son has his birthday very soon so we tried to order some cakes and pies online. We loved the cakes and pies from that certain store and never had problems. now it seems to become a very cheap birthday. While placing the order it seems that nothing was charged.
It was tempting to add more items to the chart, though we didn't do it. The first screen was already an issue. Items were selected and nothing charged. (This is a Dutch site so here some translations so you all can learn some Dutch from this site also
aantal = number
personen = persons
per stuk = per piece
prijs = price
totaal = total
The first issue see below: I assume that since it is counting the quantity of persons and persons are not charged, the total amount to pay is also zero.

The image below represents the confirmation screen and were you can check for your details. The title of this window is: "Controle van de gegevens" which is similar to "Check of the information" Here you see that it counting the number of items and presenting the price of the previous screen. Still nothing is charged.

The last screen in the confirmation screen. O how much did we hope we would see the zero here again. Unfortunately we got surprised we had something to pay. Somehow it seems that here something is working well, only we were not able to check if the price was right.

Remark: At the first image you see a certification called "thuiswinkel waarborg" this seems a certification to provide the consumer trust and liability for there online orders.

Lesson learned: when something seems to be free, don't order too much as you have to pay after all.

Another lessons could be: certification doesn't say anything about the functionality. (Imagine how this statement can be transformed to other types of certification )

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