Monday, February 15, 2010

Test Automation by the book

Previous title was: "How TMap Next is used for automated testing" changed it into a proper title :)

Automate testing is hot. It has been hot since I work in the software testing business. It will be hot for a long time now. Often I hear arguments about automated test tools are shelf ware.

Sometimes I hear automated testing by the book is not possible. I might have formed an opinion that the Test Approach: TMap Next by Sogeti fails when it concerns automated testing.

When I think and talk about automated testing I think how to use tools and not how beautiful tools are. Sometimes you find another usage of items and methods. Recently I found someone using the Test method as written to automate his testing.

As you see, the book contains the method and it is used to automate his testing. Therefore the method is used for automated testing. In this example it was used to support the LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) in SAP. An LSMW is a tool that supports the one-time or periodic transfer of data from a variety of sources without any programming. Only in this example it had to ran multiple times and therefore user interaction was needed to press the Enter button. As you see. The book/method is very useful to support in automated testing.

As you see the book is lying optimal on the "Enter-key". You might consider this as a steady firm tool. As some testers which are familiar with the "old"Tmap approach, we have been told to use it as a tool not as a goal. I think this is a good example to use a method as a tool.

To order this book as a tool you might take a look at: TMap next

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