Sunday, June 7, 2009

Model Based Testing was this new?

I never would claim I have the knowledge. I have some knowledge and are always eager to learn. Last year I attended some conferences and one hot topic was Model Based Testing. It promised to be new and useful.

Searching for some more information about this topic I ran into this article: Model-Based Testing in Practice by S.R. Dalal, A. Jain, N. Karunanithi, J.M. Leaton, C.M. Lott, G.C.Patton, B.M.Horowitz.

Looking at the date of this article it is already from 1999. The strong part of this article I think is the focus on the method it selves instead of using tools.

When looking to recently published information the focus lies more on usage of tools. Some examples:
At EuroStar 2008 it was also a topic.

Experiences from working with Model Based Testing (MBT) and Qtronic) by Hakan Fredriksson. Remarkable is in this presentation the notation towards Rogers Adoption /Innovation curve. He shows that organizations who using MBT are early adopters. (Although it is already old for a decade)

Testing Experience: second issue 2009: "MBT as the next step in testing" by Elise Greveraars. Also her presentation on EuroStar 2008 went about how to use tools in model based testing: "Tester Needed? No Thanks we use MBT"

An interesting video by Mark Utting (August 2007) shows also an approach for MBT using tools:

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