Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weather forecast and testing

Testing is like predicting the weather.
Some of the following similarities can be found:
- When it is raining, bugs are hiding, so before start testing first makes the rain stop;
- When it starts raining, look carefully were the bugs are running to. To catch them, tools might be needed to avoid you to destruct their hiding place;
- Based on current values we compare them with historical data and try to predict the next behavior of the next day, days, weeks;
- In both worlds fancy charts are created and only the experienced ones can understand them;
- The next day might differ the prediction, you can tell the weather will be nice, when the moment comes we monitor if the prediction comes out;
- If bad weather is expected we take measurements;
- Even if bad weather is expected, we have to go outside;
- The environmental circumstances can have huge influence on the weather;
- If predictions become valid, enjoy that moment and continue;
- Use the proper tools for the right purpose. A wind meter will not measure the rainfall;
- Gaining weather information can be done manually and also automatically;
- Sometimes it is cheaper and reliable to stick your head outside the window to see what the weather is doing;
- The audience differs, some people are waiting for rain, some for just dry weather and some are interested in the clouds;
- Weather is a concept with different meanings, so is testing.

I'm certain that there are more similarities between weather forecasting and testing. I would say: take nothing for granted and ask yourselves what you would do in certain situations after translating it to weather conditions.

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  1. ... and when the sun is shining people tend to sit down, relax and enjoy the moment ... and get caught by the next thunderstorm :-)