Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There is a Software Testing Manifesto

I was a bit surprised when I noticed there is a site which claims to be a manifesto from software testing: Software Testing Manifesto. On this site they present the outcome of several workshops during EuroStar 2008 related to this topic. I think it is a good idea to share information. Others might learn from it, in a positive of negative way.

The bad thing is how that information is presented. When calling it a manifesto you assume this is the truth and we all could live by those principles. Looking at the URL "http://www.softwaretestingmanifesto.org/" to me it implies it is an independent statement, although there is a large advertisement of EuroStar on it. Second: it assumes that all testers comply with it.

Also the owner of this site is related to another software testing related company, I wonder if the site is moderated with objectivity.
Although the whole internet community can vote for their favorite statements and there is an option to pose new statements, it is unclear to me how statements are moderated.

From WikiPedia the definition of Manifesto is: "A manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions, often political in nature, but may also be life stance related. However, manifestos relating to religious belief are rather referred to as credo."

The name of the site and the name of the manifesto suggest that all software testers should comply to this manifesto. I think that is quite dangerous. As I already said I appreciate information sharing only the context should also be made clearer. It would suite them better that this site was a manifesto with an eye wink and explicitly mentioned the purpose of this site. A goal for me would be more: "do we need a general manifesto for software testing and start the discussion, then confronting the whole population with software testers that they have to comply with these statements.

Perhaps I'm wrong about this initiative. Currently I see this initiative as a dangerous one.

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