Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moments of disbelieve

Sometimes in a lifetime you have some moments when you think: how is that possible. A situation a dealt with just very occasionally is that in the front yard of my house the sun is shining and in the backyard it is raining.

No, I don't have such a big house with a big yard. It just happened. Similar things Moments of disbelieve sometimes also when a product moves from the test environment to production. And in production suddenly it started to rain.

Of course I could have spent time to get the answer why the sun was shining on the other side of my house and it was raining at the backyard. To me it seems some waste of time.

Perhaps we also should deal with certain situations when it happens on productive systems. Instead of searching why it happened, it might be useful to solve the water damage and continue working on the next assignment. Don't let the moment of disbelieve spoil up your resources.

Only when you believe it is not an occasionally thing, you might consider precautions.

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