Saturday, January 26, 2008

Are you overruled and the I told-you-so moment

Now and then I visit Dilbert
When I read the strip by Scott Adams Dilbert 24/01/2008 I got a flash back. In a previous project I gave advice not to go into production. They accepted my advice and still went to production. In that particular situation the acted on the risks I mentioned and sent a service engineer together with the software.

This strip made me think about the boundaries of our responsibilities:

Is it fair for us to go into the I-told-you-so-mode when the risk becomes effective when a system is in production? Should we be more persuasive when it comes to effectuating identified risks?

It is easy to say: "The project ended, therefore I'm no longer on the project and therefore I cannot held responsible anymore as the owner accepted the product."
Or can we say: "If you disregard the advice about the system, I want to define a new project monitoring the chance of occurence with the goal to improve the test process to avoid those issues earlier?"

How can we be more persuasive and what are the boundaries?

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