Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Son the tester

This morning I came down and my son sat on the couch investigating his arm. Not taking care of his action I start making my bread. Suddenly I heard:
"Daddy, Daddy, I found it!" He was much exited.
"What did you find?" I asked.
"The bug bite!" he replied.
I asked him now he found it what he intends to do.
"Scratching of course."
"Will that help?"
"No but it itch."
I asked him to stop scratching as what he did.
Now he took a better look at the arm and noticed that it wasn't a bug bite at all. In the environment of the red dot he found some other red dots.
Curious as I was I asked him why he starts searching initially on his arm.
He just simply replied: "I had such a feeling"
Fortunately it was nothing this time.

On the road to work I thought about it. And somehow he made me proud. As he starts testing while he is just 6 yrs old (almost 7)

In my opinion this is similar to Exploratory testing. You have some feeling that there might be something wrong. He was thrilled when he found something. Though he tended to cure the symptoms he continued investigating in the surrounding part of the red dot to check if there were other symptoms. He found others and asked the developer (me) if it are bug(s)(bites). After rechecking we noticed that it wasn't a bug(bite) and also nothing serious. Still it was a temporarily behavior of his system.

I'm curious what he will become when he is 7 :)

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