Friday, January 11, 2008

Opmerkingen mbt TMap next (DUTCH)

Jeroen: 4/21/2008: Changed this posting as it was mainly in Dutch and Im not sure it will help someone. If you still interested in my remarks you can always contact me.

Normally I'm trying to write this blog in English. Only this would exception on the rule and sometimes rules can be broken. :)
The list mentioned below I based what I found while reading TMap Next. There is no warranty if this list is correct. It is based on the ideas I had while reading the book. I created it while reading and at that time it was Dutch. I also don't know if it represents the same pages in English. this is the main reason why not starting to translate the whole list. Perhaps it helps some one in the nearby future.

Though the list is quite long, I DO like this book. It can give good help on test projects. In other words, if I didn't like the book I didn't spend time keeping a list for myself.

Here the list in Dutch: (here the list was in Dutch)

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