Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let the bug rule?

Just sat down behind the PC reading an article about bugs and testing. This made me think about bugs in general. Normally we see bugs as annoying creatures or behavior in the system. Aren't we looking to it in a small framework? Some say that bugs are a part essential of the food chain. So do other creatures need bugs to exist? And so do testers.

I think systems do also need bugs. Let me explain. Almost every year there are fire seasons. Huge areas are burned down and start growing again. And occasionally flowers are growing on that place that has not been seen there over the years. Something beautifull got some space to grow again.

Getting back to the system. If there are no bugs in a system we might get to a point of no return, were we become afraid to touch the system and think about newer features.

I saw in some projects that because of bugs found during test phases some elegant solutions were build. This also could happen while the system is in production. Bugs might force people to think what they really need and while they are thinking they will also come up with newer things.

This made me wonder if we should try to find all the bugs we need? Perhaps we should focus only on those bugs who prevent for some uncontrolled disasters. Calculate the risk and deliberately don't test certain areas. Just to force Mother Nature to do her work.

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